5-day Certificate Course on Business Analytics @ IIT Hyderabad


IIT Hyderabad is conducting 5-day Certificate Course on Business analytics in june. The course fee is 22000. Please suggest me should I enroll me for this course?

I have 4 yrs of programming background in Java and my goal is to start career in data analytic and become data scientist expert in next 4-5 yrs.



I think you are taking way too long to become a data scientist - the field will completely change in that time period. Infact the tools would change completely every 2 - 3 years.

So, would this course help you? The answer is no. I would suggest that instead of thinking such a long transition, you should try to make a transition as soon as possible. It will still take 1 - 2 years to get into the field, but you will be able to make the most of the evolution of the field.

If I was in your position, I would have looked more intense course and would have undergone it.



Thanks kunal. I am already taking basic statistic course and data analytic in R course from udacity and Edureka and spending 1-2 hr every day.
Well I wanted to ask weather I should attend the IIT hyderabad program or not. Your suggestion is No.

Now my plan is to pursue “Foundation Course in analytics from Jigsaw Academy” and then “Data Scientist certification again from Jigsaw Academy”. And then, may be after a year, shift my career from java to data analytic by internal switch in my organization.
Kunal Is this planning looks good to you OR I should choose advance analytic course from Jigsaw?


This looks better.

Given your background in Java, why not consider learning Big Data tools?



I considered big data tool first but then find data analytic/scientist role more interesting.
The main reason(as per my understanding) is it’ll give me better opportunity to understand domain/business knowledge OR need than using hadoop/mr/hive/etc as a programmer.
I hope m not taking any wrong decision.