A large meaningful tree of knowledge - Mind Mapping



Hello AV community,

Anything we have read/understood perfectly is tagged, organised and put away in our brain. The image below gives a crude idea of a mental map.

My idea is that plotting a mental map or a ‘tree’ of any concept would enable us to understand and remember the concept better. I’m trying to plot a tree of Statistics, but I’m unable to plot a semantic tree looking at which even a newbee could understand Statistics in its entirety.

I humbly request the AV community to give ideas or suggest reads in approaching this problem.
Hope one day we build ‘The Mind Palace’ like Sherlock!



That’s a great idea! A mind mapping collaboration tool might help. This one seems nice, has live collaboration Google docs style: https://coggle.it/


@caiotaniguchi Thanks for the tool! I’ll share the first tree I make. Let’s say we start with Statistics. Any ideas on how to approach it?


@B.Rabbit, I would start with some stats reference book and work out the main topics. It doesn’t need to be everything, but what you find useful to know for the application you have in mind. If the chart is aimed for someone that wants to work with machine learning or data science, you should include only the relevant topics to these fields.