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Can someone plz send me a data set for this project, not to able to find, email address: poojasrohra@gmail.com

thank you


Hello, could anyone send me a dataset for this project, can not find it here. My email Address :314572603@qq.com Thank you!

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Can you please share the data set - unable to find.

Thank you


Dear Hackers,
Can someone please share the data with me on pmukami09@gmail.com Thanks in advance


Item visibility can be zero in my opinion if we walkthrough the supermarket there are different items behind the stack of one particular items which makes a certain item visibility as zero.Which makes me question if modifying the zeros in that column would be a good idea or not ?


if you have data set please send me “140718@students.au.edu.pk”


Hi there
Where is link to data set can you please share with me


I will be grateful if someone shares with me the data. The datalink is dead.