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Hello Kunal,Could you please suggest me some good books for Analytics interview preparation?


Hi Sir,
I have completed by Bachelor Degree from Electronics & Telecommunication Department last year i.e 2015 and know i am planning to pursue MSc in Data science & analytics from Ireland probably from UCC. So, I want to ask you that is it possible to make career in Data science field as i am belongs from Non CS/IT background.


Data science as the name indicates is not field specific. Yes you will get your hands dirty on technology and tools. The core of this analytics and data science is the application layer of those tools.

Where to apply what and when to apply the same makes you the data scientist the industries want.

Data science is applicable to all fields including electronics and telecommunication.


Hello Kunal,

I scored 59, Kindly give me your recommendation for data analytics career. Also, I am doing master degree in information systems right after my bachelor’s in computer science engineering and do not have industry experience.