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Hi, I have built a model using glm. With the help of matthew coefficient’s best split I have converted probabilities into classification. I have used confusion matrix which gave me .82 Accuracy but when I predict test data and submit it, it has given a 0 score on LB. Can you help me understand the problem?

Kindly ignore the query. There was a problem in my submission file.

If you are strugling to download the data here are three steps:

  1. Needs to signup first by clicking on register Button.
  2. Enrolled your self in the project (data you are looking for)
  3. Check if (https://datahack.analyticsvidhya.com/contest/practice-problem-loan-prediction-iii/#data_dictionary) register button is still in red color click once again though you are already login in the other tab. Once it become green data section will visible. Download test and train data under the data section.

Don’t forget to thank me.
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Thank you Ravi.

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@prafulla can you please tell me what columns are you having in your submittive file? Are they Loan_Id and Loan_Status ?

what the hell. Not able to get data. No registration tab. what is meaning of all this tutorial if we can not get data

Thank you. Got it

could anyone please teach me how to participate this practice problem which is closed ? thanks in advance!!!

You can go to this link

Hi all,

To learn about classification problems and get solutions for this practice problem in python, you can refer this course:

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Hi I am getting below error in r
Error in is.finite(width)
default method not implemented for type ‘list’

I am getting error while submission file. Asking me to check test data set. I checked it is matching with test file. Just I converted it to numeric

for example LP001015 is showing 1015

Hi @tpjoshi,

You should not change the ids in your submission file. It should match the test id. You can copy the test id and paste it in your submission file.

Ok thank you

I could not eiter at first. It turns out that you need to register for the course

i am not able to upload my solution so , how to upload ??

Solution_Loan_Status.csv (23.6 KB)

I ma getting 0.0 score . i am building model using R .If anybody have solution how to fit this issue kindly mention here.

am a beginner, i want to knw how to check relationship b/w predictor vs other?

Has anyone tried implementing this data set with R? If yes, please respond to this message

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