About the Loan_prediction category

Hi, this is a categorical problem so linear regression may not be a good fit.

i am not able to load data can you please help me regarding this

You create your account on analyticvidhya. Then we select data. and chick on register, then you see the test and train dataset with sample submission.

Yes, even I want to know whether the data is monthly or annual.
Also, no, more credit history doesn’t imply more credibility because we don’t have information if its a positive history on negative. To check credibility you have to create other variable like (loan amount/total income)


Can you please mention what the ApplicantIncome, CoapplicantIncome, Loan amount scales are
Eg: ApplicantIncome: 4583
CoapplicantIncome : 1508.0
Loan amount : 128.0
In one row the values are as above but,
Q1. What is the scale of the amount. Is it just 4583 or 4583k

Q2. Is applicant/coapplicant income mentioned as permonth income or per year?

Hi sir, can i have the data set of loan prediction category to understand the dataset properly.

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