Advice required from DS experts

I’m Mridula. I’m currently on a career break. But was working with a UK based Retail company for 4 years in Bengaluru before taking my career break. I was working as an Analyst there. But my work was 70% reporting and 30% analytics. I always wanted to learn more about Data Science and shape my career in a better way.
Basically, I’m an engineer in CS. In my previous job i was using MS Excel, VBA and SQL(Teradata) extensively, used statistics to some extend as well. I have basic python, SAS and R knowledge which i got through MOOC courses(never got a chance to work with these languages).

  1. I don’t know anyone who is working in the field of DS personally. Since DS is the hot topic now a days, everyone seems to be an expert in the field. Can anyone please tell me what kind of jobs we need to expect for an entry level DS position?
  2. I’m on a career break now for the past 4 months, and won’t be able to work for another 1 more year. I have decided to prepare myself in the DS field during this break. Please help me what all things I should be concentrating(tools, techniques, soft kills etc.) to jump start my career in this area?
  3. Is there any specific industry or profile which i need to focus on, so that I will have good career options and longevity?
  4. How will be a typical work day of a DS looks like(or is it gonna be like new challenges everyday)?
  5. Information about DS is flooded over internet. Is there any reliable platforms I can check to know what is actually required in the field?
  6. How will be the work-life balance? What type of companies will be best for starting a DS career where there will be learning opportunities and a good work-life balance?
  7. What is the minimum salary for an entry level DS position in Bengaluru?
    I am so sorry if I asked a lot of questions. I really need to know these and I don’t have any trustworthy source to ask my queries. Thanks a lot in advance to helping me out guys. :slight_smile:
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