After Google Data Analytics Course & Introduction!

Hey there new found community! I have not so far found a strong community for like minded folks, so I was recommended here as a good place to start. Just want to share a little bit about me! I am from New Zealand, 30 years old, father and starting (attempting lol) a career in Data Analytics. I have almost finished the Google Data Analytics Course and was wondering if you kind internet souls had recommendations to start building a resume, or some other courses that would help me build skills and knowledge to showcase myself?

Hello @FinnicHea ,

Good job on your efforts in taking the Google Data Analytics professional certificate. I have completed the program myself but had to do it at a faster pace. It took me less than 3 months to complete. I’m starting to go over the materials again so I can actually have the knowledge sink in and build data analysis skills. I think you should wait until you complete the program as it already has the answers to all your questions. But I think the challenge will be landing your first junior data analyst job as most related jobs require some previous data analysis experience. Though you may get lucky as I have read about some learners that took the program and have now landed a job. Good luck.

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