Analysis of power consumption by various equipments



In order to develop a load monitoring to supervise control centers. This supervision monitors the global electricity power consumption of water sites and analyses the power exceeding problems and potential savings due to the power ontract oversizing. For this, first I collected data concerning activity duration for each equipement in the site, and data concerning active power, and period for each site.
here an example of dataframes :

Timestamp   equipment1  equipment2  equipment3  equipment4
t1           90            90        90          90
t2           0             0         90          90
tn            50           50        70          0

This means that during the timestamp t1, t2, t3 and t4 equipment1 they worked during 90 min.


timestamp  active_power  periode    maximal_power site
t1          12            summer     480           NY
t2          32            winter     480           NY
t3          54            summer     480           NY
tn          120           winter     480           NY

I am trying to explore and analyze these data to extract which indicator can help me to identifie the equipement is responsible for exceeding data.
to resolve this, I try to compute for each equipement how much time it is activated.
Can you help me to determine other indicators in order to determine which equipmeent is responsible to the excceding power?
Thank you


Hi Cyrine
I think you should develop the calendar effect, you have only season for the moment, what about holidays such as Christmas if NY is New York !! for electricity consumption the calendar and temperature have strong effect. I do not know what you mean by water sites but I guess it could follow the general electricity pattern consumption.
Give more details and perhaps few could help.