Analytics career advice for undergrad java professionals to move in Analytics?

Hello Everyone,

I am completely novice in analytics and desperately looking for some of the answers. It would be really great if someone can answer below questions for me. Thanks a lot in advance :slight_smile:

My profile is -

  • bachelor’s in computer science
  • 2+ years of experience in Java
  • Good hold on Data Structures and Algorithm
  • Currently working ( + learning ) on project using Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Python, Django, Unix, Shell scripting

I’m planning to get a job in analytics.

I have following questions -

  1. Is it possible for my profile to get the job in analytics ? ( after learning the required skill ? )
  2. What are the required skills to move in analytics ( I know there hell lot of things to learn but as of now looking to strengthen my analytics basics and get a job in analytics ? )
  3. Is there any certification in analytics I can do to easily get a job ?
  4. What companies I can target ?
  5. Please suggest work integrated master’s program in analytics ? ( One of my long term goal )
  1. You can easily get the job in analytics.
  2. Skills required .(statistics,machine learning ,programming ( you must be good at it), R or Python any one)
  3. SAS certification is useful , base SAS or sas certified predictive modeler
  4. Start learning analytics dont think about target companies right now
  5. IIM calcutta/ Praxis business school has work integrated program in analytics Jigsaw academy also provides good online course. Also take statistics and data science related courses from Coursera

Thanks a lot HUNAIDKHAN2000 :slight_smile:

Just to add what @HUNAIDKHAN2000 has said, if you pick up the relevant skills, you should not find it very difficult to switch into analytics.

This ranking might help you further in your search:

On the certification side, I would avoid base SAS certification as of now. You can look at Predictive modeler certificate from SAS or Cloudera Data Scientist certification or look at certifications from EMC.

Hope this helps