Analytics career for a Business Intelligence test lead person?




I`m from business intelligence test lead background, wanted to move to Big data analyst and down the lane as data scientist. I have 6 years of experience in to ETL and Hadoop , I have used Informatica, datastage , OBIEE , tableau and Hadoop recently.

I opted couple of courses from Intellipaat to move as Data analyst, But currently when i saw IIT Roorkee on google, felt like going for it.

i have couple of questions on this i.e

  1. with this background can i move to data analyst role? If yes how can i shift to it.
  2. i`m interested in executive program of data mining and analytics from IIT Roorkee. Does it add value to my resume? Will it provide the required break?

If IIT is not a choice please suggest me how could move to this role with out having real time experience.

I`m in dilemma, please suggest me.



Your background should not be a problem in making a transition. In fact, you have more relevant background than some of the transitions I have seen in past. Having said that, I wanted to make a few things clear:

  • No course / certification on its own, can ensure that you get a job just because you have undergone that certification. You have to work hard outside the certification. If the certification required you to complete 1 real life project, you should aim to finish 2 before you pass out.
  • Given that IIT Roorkee is just starting the course, I would rather prefer institutes which have more experience in running Analytics courses - for example, ISB, Great Lakes, IIMs

I would strongly suggest to develop a portfolio of projects, you have worked on and share them on GitHub under your profile. Participate in data science competitions like Kaggle / AV Hackathons to gain more experience.

Hope this helps.



Hi Kunal,

Thanks for suggestion.

So i just need one more suggestion, with out any executive program , cant I move to Jr Data Scientist role with Data science courses offered by private Institutions like edureka or Intellipaats instructor led training, which are good and provides tasks of any data scientist.

If above mentioned course doesn`t work what exactly next steps to be taken to grab this role in next 6-8 months.



Hi Kunal -
I am working as DWH Test engineer. I would like to switch my career from Data testing to Business Data analytic . Even i am opt in for a Analytic course in [R Programming ] . I am having 4+ years of Experience in ETL Testing and I have worked with few tools( Business Intelligence ) like Qlikview and Cognos…

Is that be the correct way to become a Data scientist ? Please suggest.