Analytics course part time vs full time


Hey Kunal and team,

I am a big fan of your work ,I am a regular follower of AV thanks for creating a community where I can reach for each and everything related to Data Analytics

First a brief introduction about me
I have done my B-tech from IIT Roorkee (Batch-2014),
I have worked for Mu-sigma for 1.9 yrs (Nov’14 to Aug’16) worked on forecasting of smartphones and one descriptive project on shrinkage for retail stores.
Skills acquired- SQL,R, Excel, Time Series, Linear Regression
I am looking for job, I get shortlisted for companies but not able to convert any, I am guessing this may due to I left job without any offer in hand or due to not able to answer the open-ended case study asked by the employers with correct approach and granularity
What do you suggest to improve my profile and fetch a job mainly in decision scientist role ?
I am in dilemma like whether to take -

  1. Online Certifications: R course certification, Machine Learning certification to show certifications in my resume
  2. Full time course : Course in Universities like Great lakes / Praxis where I can get placement assistance
  3. Complete Kaggle Project and Hackathons- to show my calibre in solving projects involving Machine Learning algorithms

Thanks in advance


I think you should go for full time course and simultaneously complete kaggle project and hackathons to get the required practical knowledge .


Lots of Thanks @Hunaidkhan for your time and opinion.
Please help me with the below queries too ??
Which course would you suggest given my experience of 1.9 yrs and how
should I justify the gap of 7 months (sep’16 (current) to mar’17 (month of
personal interview for admission) ) as it will be a hindrance in my
evaluation in personal interview round for the admission process ?



I think go for a Praxis business school course, the course fee is not much higher. Also, rather than worrying about 7 months gap learn analytics in depth and complete your course with good amount of practical analytical knowledge, I hope you will be placed in your campus interview and you have worked in Mu-Sigma so that experience will surely help you in learning analytics and getting a new job.
Best of luck, Work hard I hope you will be a good data scientist in the future.


Thanks for the quick and brilliant response



I would suggest something different. Try looking at the different hackethons that is going on here. If possible start participating.

You already have a great base that includes your IIT background. Your base is also already set up with your knowledge on more than basic statistics skills.

What you are lacking is probably application knowledge. The reason i suggested hackethons is it wont take you long to crack the technical aspect of modelling by simply following those hackethons and solutions. At the same time you can start contributing right here in this community with you analysis and solutions. This will help you understand the application part.

Have a discussion with some experts including Kunal(request for a time to talk to Kunal) to just get yourself gauged and see where things are going wrong with respect to interviews.

IIT Entrance exams alone should have given you the skill that is required to screw yourself with analytics ( just saying your skills just need, take it out of the box and spray some polish).

Now coming back, praxis course is for someone who wants to break into this domain. Their course is very detailed and you may actually feel boring for the first term as you will be learning from what is mean to what is hypothesis testing.

My advice is politely request for feedback where you are not able to convert. Its alright to ask so you know where the gap is.

For picking a course i would advice a little more research on the curriculum as i think most of the cources are loading with basics which you will get bored by first two weeks.