Analytics / Data Science Startups taking freshers



Can you name a few startups who are taking freshers for Business Analytics, freshers who have done courses on R and analytics using Coursera And EDX.
Help Much Appreciated.

Trainee / Entry Level jobs in Data Science / Machine Learning in India?
Top consultancies in analytics for freshers in Bangalore?
Being a B.Tech. student at IIT-R and Analytics aspirant,how will I be hired for Data scientist/Analyst job?


I am listing down companies which take up freshers in analytics roles. Not sure whether they look at courses and certifications done or hire from campuses (may be do both):

  1. Mu-Sigma
  2. Fractal Analytics
  3. Affine Analytics
  4. Indus Insights
  5. Akzooba
  6. WNS
  7. Citi
  8. Capital One
  10. ZS Associates
  11. Genpact
  12. American Express
  13. ValueLabs
  14. Absolutdata
  15. Kie-Square

Give them a try.

@abhinavunnam can you add more to this list?



Okay here are some companies which visited IIT Roorkee for Analyst Positions which are essentially business analyst positions.

  1. Flipkart
  2. Snapdeal
  3. One97 (Paytm)
  4. Axtria ( Hires many )
  5. Boston Analytics ( Took only MBAs )
  6. EXL Services
  7. dunnhumby( Again only took MBAs but hires analysts from other colleges)
  8. Fuzzy Logix ( Small Start up but good coding plus data analytic skills needed)
  9. Leaf Technologies
  10. VISA

The ones towards the end need significant coding skills including Data Structure and Algorithms knowledge along with good project experience. Last three offer Data Scientist Roles with very good remuneration.


Have come across Sigmoid Analytics hiring freshers as well


Companies which visited IIT Kharagpur for Analyst Position / Data Scientist role:
Gravitas Tech
Auctus Advisors
Arete Advisors
Aspect Ratio
i3 Consulting


Thanks for the list. It helps freshers in the ANALYTICS world like us. :smile:


Hi kunal, I am new to this field. In fact I haven’t started out yet. But I have been reading articles and viewing videos on TED how data science can change the world and how it already has. And after I read your post on Should I become a Data Scientist ? I became quite excited as I felt Data Science is the field for me. I am really into this.
But as a fresher about to graduate within a month, I am placed at great corporate companies but none of the companies I am placed or opportunities that I have encountered have anything to do with Data Science. They are either pure niche Software Developing Companies or IT service based.

I think this will result in not being able to put up with my practices at home given as a fresher into the company I would have to prove myself by giving my best (which is fun but away from my needs to be a data scientist). So is there any company that I can look forward to apply so that I get to learn great things and work simultaneously? I am hoping that since I have no projects in hand related to this field that company judges me by my analytical skills.

I have otherwise done really cool projects and internships to prove my caliber and IQ.
Projects -

  1. My own Information Security Algorithm (research paper on it’s way to be published and application about to be live in a week)
  2. E Commerce website (it’s live)
    Internships -
  3. Web Developer at MeraJob India Pvt Ltd (2 months of exciting work)
  4. Web Developer at TechMahindra (1 month of learning experience)

P.S. I have contributed a lot to my CSE department being part of Genesis Tech Society, (I am PRESIDENT now)


Can help me get such an opportunity ?

Please visit my portfolio to know more about me

Thanks in advance.


Evive Health too.


Are there any analytics startups hiring freshers currently?
I am a post-graduate in statistics (2016) and have applied to various job postings through websites and job portals but not getting any calls.


I am having 1.3yrs work experience in software industry and now started to explore. Now I am trying for internships to take exposure. Can u plz help me out for internship for analytics or else website for the same.