Analytics domain for engineering background candidates



I am aspiring to move to Analytics from an Engineering Design and Analysis background. I have close to 10 years experience. Can someone please answer the following questions:

  1. Which are the domains available in Analytics where a Mechanical Engineering candidate can aspire to join. What are the typical applications of Analytics in those domains.

  2. Can you please name few companies which are active in such engineering domains with analytics?

  3. I am planning to join online / weekend courses (~1yr). Considering my background, is there any specific institute I should consider which provides me more relevant subject knowledge.

Thank you in advance!

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I hope Link will help you…


Thank you danidarshit. It sounds like a philosophical answer though!


Hi Venkat, analytics is being applied in almost each and every domain these days. Steadily, every company is having a department for data sciences cause data science is the key to efficient future. Considering your domain, currently a challenge is going on Kaggle which is being conducted by Bosch and the participants need to predict about the credibility about the machine. Also, there is a company named Atkins which has recently started with their data science division in India, the company majorly deals with civil, mechanical and electrical domain. Besides these there are numerous more companies applying data sciences. All these companies demand a person with domain expertise with a knowledge of statistics. So you see that Analytics with machine learning could make you end up on a job like this. I hope that was of some help.


Hi Janpreet, that’s very useful information. I am now getting a feel to do further research on Google. Thank you very much.


You’re welcome Venkat :slight_smile: