Analytics for Data Science from Institute of Statistics Education - Yes/No



I am an analyst in Canada and I want to create a career in Data Science. I want to learn predictive analytics but I have very limited knowledge of stats. Therefore I want to take a bundle of courses that can cover the fundamentals of Statistics and then teach predictive analytics. I am planning to learn R for now and once I have an advanced understanding of R, will add Python to my skills.
My company will pay for the course/certification that I take. I looked at the Analytics for Data Science online certificate from the Institute of Statistics Canada ( It is a bit expensive but I want to know would it be worth spending the money and time; and would it start from the basics. If anyone knows of other good options, I would love to know. All my online research has made the decision very confusing.


Thats very very very subjective decision, I will try to add my 2 cents.

The course clearly has wide range of topics from time series to NLP, regression to optimization. It gives broad over view about entire analytics domain. but you need to have prior understanding and atleast some experience or exposure to analytics. or else it will be a full gyan session, it will be very interesting like watching a movie… and it wont be of any help after movie is completed…

if you are mid management level or in manager level in data field or business analyst field it would be of help, if you are at entry level it might not be very helpful… if you are looking at career start in data science, i would recommend some course in statistics and pick of those topic among the list mentioned in course and focus on mastering it…

Again it all depends on your background, your current role, so do some more analysis and pick right course for you…

All the best


Thanks a lot for your advice. I am sorry i should have provided more details on my background. I have an Electrical engineering degree but about 3 years of corporate and research experience in data analysis. I am a client data analyst in the sales and marketing department a bank in canada at present and I believe that predictive analytics will help me provide better and smarter marketing prospect and will also help in creating targets. I have always wanted to enhance my analytics skills but now i have my company’s support and business data to learn it. And I would like to use R first. As I mentioned before, I have minimal stats knowledge. From your reply, I assume that this might not be the right course for me - atleast not to begin with.

So, do you think doing some online courses on basic stats first- from edx or coursera; and then doing the data science specialization from coursera or analytics edge from edx would be a better path? I would rather enrol in an instructor led training than self paced modules. But if there are no good options, I will do the self paced courses. I have read all the articles on AV and they are great but I am sorry I am still very confused.

Any further advice will be extremely helpful.



Hi Shaina,
You have very good experience to get a good head start, Data analyst experience would be very helpful in starting this journey. My recommendation is to start with some stats course, get some more exposure for a shorter time and then Focus on one specific analystics domain rather than Generic. Based on your experience Campaign Analytics may be suitable domain or Forecasting and Simulation also will be right areas for your to do deep dive. To be successful in analytics, having good foundation on Stats, probability and Domain knowledge are more important than jumping into modelling

Hope it helps, Again its subjective and you are the best person to decide next steps… take all input and decide best course of action


Thanks a lot. That is going to be extremely helpful in deciding my next steps. Really appreciate your help.


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