Analytics in Energy domain(Oil Wells)?




Has anybody applied analytics in Energy domain(or particular to Oil well industry) to predict failure of various equipment leads to production halt?

Please share , if something is relevant to this


Hi @rahul29

I was reading this article yesterday, very interesting not a lot about predictive maintenance, I think it is what you are looking at but still Oil and Gas

Why are you looking at oil and gas? There is already quite a lot published for example about engines predictive maintenance, which I believe could be apply to oil and gas, lot to do with signal processing for vibration analysis.

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Hi @rahul29,

Yes there is a lot of scope of Analytics in the Energy (Oil & Gas) domain better known as Petro Analytics.

I have done some predictive & prescriptive modeling in Oil and Gas recovery analyzing and optimising metrics such as Cumulative 30, 60, 90 & 180 day Oil Production for vertical and horizontal oil wells.
I have also derived insights from unstructured drilling logs primarily focusing on mud loss while drilling.

Hope it answers your question :slight_smile:
(I would love to know why you are interested in Petro Analytics.)


Thanks Lesaffrea and Bolaka,

Idea is not to get into Petro Analysis or Optimizing operations but an approach which leads to an analysis where we are confidently able to figure out the failing well( which has lot of components and they failed in the past). As, one failure in a well causes it to be shut down for couple of weeks and hence production loss.Here, we have dynamometer and other load parameters but unable to come up with an approach.

Still, Im glad that you guys have taken interest.

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Hi @rahul29
Got it, it is more problem of reservoir geomechanics (well is consider part of reservoir), look at Stanford they did some research in this area.

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Hi @rahul

Other points I think you can look at one book, I do not have it in pdf sorry. “Harness Oil and Gas Bog Data with Analytics” from Wiley and push with SAS. There are good examples, chapter 5 about drilling could be the one for you.
Contact me in few weeks I can know more about by this time

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