Analytics in Start-Up v/s a Big company



I have an over 10 yrs of work experience. I have been fortunate enough to join a start-up who do predictive analytics for companies. I got an offer in Analytics with a leading Operator and the position and the money looks lucrative enough to say YES!! But I fear that analytics for them would be pure reporting and dashboarding. Though I would be able to learn some concepts on Network Implementation which was amiss from my profile. I am looking to decide on few parameters:

a) If I join Operator and give a boost to my ego and salary can i keep learning modelling and ML independently and with same vigor ?

c) In my start-up I would be able to get exposure of various other verticals - would it make sense or shall i stick to only one domain in analytics ?



This is a very broad question and will boil down to ultimately, what you want to do in your career. For example, if you want to start up something on your own, the experience with start ups would be far more valuable. On the other hand, if you want to have a steady source of income with depth in specific areas, you can consider taking up the job.

I don’t think any one can answer the question in general, without knowing your background, aspirations, skill sets and responsibilities.



@kunal Thanks for the response. However, I was looking forward for some insight on the two questions I asked:

a) Can a person keep on learning ML and modelling independently ?

b) Is it important in analytics to keep changing industry or best to keep yourself abreast with a single industry e.g insurance & banking, digital marketing etc?


Here is my take on it:

a. Yes, you will need to be motivated as there will be times when it would be difficult to do so.

b. This is again a question for depth vs. breadth. If you want to be a credit risk modeller, you need depth. Same with fraud analysts to some degree. Otherwise, you can learn and apply techniques across the spectrum.