Analytics Interview Question



Hi Everyone,

Can you please help me in answering one question :

Suppose there is a departmental store with four brunches for eg: Big Bazaar has four stores. Total sales from these four stores are Rs4 Cr. How can we tell that what is the proportion of each store in this salesvalue?



This is a very open-ende question. I believe you need to triangulate this using various factors. You can ask the interviewer about the following details of each store and then try to come up with an estimate:

  1. Any historical sales split information
  2. The size of the store in terms of how many products it sells
  3. The location of store in terms of whether its present in a top tier city or a lower one
  4. The population of cities in which these stores are located
  5. Presence of competitors, i.e. other such stores

You can make assumptions around mindset of people as well in a city. The bottomline is that the interviewer wants to check your thought process. So, you should consider as many factors as possible. Make some logical assumptions. They might not true but you should have a plausible explanation behind each and how they impact the sales.

Hope this helps.