Analytics job for freshers


I am a b- tech graduated fresher… and want to switch into data analytics. I have done certifications in SAS Base, R programming and Machine Learning. I have been looking for an opportunities without any salary restriction just to push start my career in analytics. But its been 3-4 months and I haven’t found any opening in the related field(especially for freshers)
Is it really that difficult for a fresher from different background to get analytics job though he has 3-4 certifications in data analytics and big data?
What measures could be taken to get a headstart in my career


I was in the same situation for months and got a Job recently. I’m a 2015 BTech Graduate and I did certifications in Big Data, R, Machine Learning, etc. As a fresher, I must say that it is very difficult to get into Analytics. Most companies will recruit freshers through campus interview.

I would suggest you to join Hirist since it lists a lot of entry level analytics jobs (Apply for companies requiring 1-3 years of experience). Try for companies like Analytics Quotient, Sigmoid Analytics, Teg Analytics, etc.(Seems like they have openings). Keep applying, you will get it.

Try this one too. Shoppist

Best of luck.


Select an Industry you are interested in. Do some research on the industry. Figure out where there could be vacancies for freshers, develop links by attending forums like this and then you will automatically get placed some day.

Visit websites of the companies and post your resumes with relevant experience.

Attend conferences and participate in Hackathons and Forums…ALL IN ALL NETWORK TO KICK START CAREER.


Hello Freshers,
We at VWR at Coimbatore are looking for fresh graduates who have done/completed course in analystics from institutes. We do have couple of openings for freshers in the analystics.

About the company - plz visit

Interested freshers or aspirants with 1-2 yrs of experience who would be interested in relocating to Coimbatore are requested to send in their resumes to /



Hey Would you mind telling about the certifications and where did you complete them from ?


Hi @vinyasmusic, you could refer this blog


Are there any analytics startups hiring freshers currently?
I am a post-graduate in statistics (2016) and have applied to various job postings through websites and job portals but not getting any calls.