Analytics program choice(critical) from placement perspective for BCA graduate with 2.5+ years of experience and other queries



Hi Kunal,

I have 2.5+ years of experience in BI,SQL and data modeling on SAP HANA among other databases.
I am a BCA graduate(drawback) and have been working for a startup but am desperately looking for a job change in Analytics domain but have not been successful.

I have gone through other threads and read somewhere that “ISB, IIM or even Great lakes are meant for those with lots of experience getting the analytics side of story telling” thus not considering them.Correct me if am wrong

I want to join a proper 1 year analytics course which is comprehensive in terms of content and tools and most imporatantly ENSURE good placement in core analytics domain provided I put in the required effort.

From top 10 the Analytics programs listed on the website Praxis Business School(Kolkata branch) boosts of placements.I have the following queries.

Q1> Since Praxis Business Schools brand name is not very popular compared to all other biggies listed (ISB,NMIMS,SP JAIN,IIMB,Great Lakes etc.) but its course structure seems comprehensive to me,so will that be a factor for me in the future job change scenarios.

Q2>How are its placements compared to SP Jain,Aegis,MISB bocconni,NMIMS others?

Q3>Praxis Business School talks about 3 months internship in companies,is that a big advantage over these other courses like SP Jain,MISB Boccooni

Q4>Since it will be Praxis Bangalore’s 1st batch (July 2016) so will this program match up in terms of placement and quality to the Praxis Kolkata pervious batches.

Q5>After completing the course I will still be BCA graduate with Analytics skills (and my previous BI,modelling experience) so how big a factor will not possessing a post gradutaion degree be in my future growth.

Also kindly share any other information you have regarding placements of these courses in terms of numbers and quality and also suggest which course will be best for me.

For any of these courses I will have to take a loan thus my decision will be very critical from a financial point of view also.

Thanks and Regards,


Hi Prateek,

I think that your decision to join a full time program is good. It should pay off well as opposed to investing in part time courses more appropriate for people with higher experience. So, here would be the list of courses you can consider (in no particular order):

  1. Praxis Business School
  2. S.P.Jain - 6 month full time program
  3. SCMHRD - one year full time program
  4. NMIMS

Given your situation, I think a year long program might be more suitable. Also, on a relative basis, the fee charged by S.P.Jain is high. So, I would eliminate S.P.Jain from the list.

Here are the answers to the specific questions you asked:

  1. Brand of the school definitely has an impact in short as well as long term. But in this case, the ones you have written are all offering part time courses, which might not be as useful for you. So, I would choose among the ones mentioned above in the answer.
  2. It is difficult to compare placements as several institutes, as not all of them publish these stats and some of them are very early in the process (only 1 batch has passed out of SCMHRD).
  3. Internship definitely helps and it is a good common ground for the company to know your skills before hiring you and for you to understand the company, before joining them full time.
  4. I think it should. Based on my discussion with the management in Praxis, my understanding is that the entire value proposition remains the same.
  5. A post graduation definitely helps in Indian context. However, it matters more in early days of career than later. Over time, this should become lesser of a problem as your experience should start to speak for itself.

I would recommend to look at Praxis or SCMHRD and then take a decision. Praxis is more evolved in course curriculum and experience in conducting an analytics course. SCMHRD is a better brand, but has only conducted one batch till now.




Only thing i want to add here is that people with higher experience should not stay away from full term courses as well. As long as you know what you want to gain out of the program even those experienced should try to evaluate what value add it gives them.

The Praxis not just covers technical aspects but areas around web, retail and other analytics. The part time courses are good for leaders who want to get some basics in to their system to consolidate their view and work with their clients.

Some high experienced folks who wants to get hands on, these full time courses can provide that platform and secondly they can help mentor those students who are very raw with minimal industry exposure.

My 2 cents