Any Data Science Meetups or Groups in Bangalore?



Hi Guys,
I want to know whether there are any regular meetups or group meetings that happen in bangalore for Data Science/ Analytics /Machine Learning.

Please help me find one, so that i can meet like minded people and learn


Hi Karthik_Van,

There are sites like and that shows upcoming events in major metros in India.Please check them out.


Hey @karthik_Van,

The following are currently active meet ups in Bangalore -

  1. Check out Bangalore AI & ML Meetup on Meetup
  2. Check out Machine Learning India-Bangalore on Meetup
  3. Check out AI Saturdays Bangalore on Meetup

Analytics Vidhya also does tons of meet-up which are divided based on expertise (beginner, expert etc.) You can find info about them here-

Check out Analytics Vidhya Bangalore on Meetup

These are some from my list, do let me know if you find more!

Hope this helps,
Sanad :slight_smile: