Are there any Indians who quit their job to study Data science through courses and got a job after a few months?



Looking for people who have been there, done that.


I know a lot of folks who have got job. The reason is not because of the course they did, but what they learned and what they can show case, understand, and answer to interview questions.

Get your basics right and start practicing in kaggle or AV problems. You will easilly get a job if you have the right attitude.


Yes, I am one of those. But it’s not easy because you have to be highly proactive, hungry, persistent and deal with a lot of anxiety to make it. It’s like burning the boat. Whereas when you have a job you feel safe. The decision has to be taken after a lot of thinking. I took the decision because I hated what I was working on and I was highly enthusiastic about Analytics. Believe me it’s not a new phenomenon, it’s highly doable but all you need is discipline and the hunger to keep going.