Arima for Discrete Data


Hello Experts,

Actually i want to predict Number of patients for particular day. I have one hospital data, and hence i decided to use ARIMA FORECASTING.
But i am not sure that ARIMA we can apply on Discrete data or not?

It will be great if you can suggest some other forecasting algorithms also.


Hi Hargan,

We could use ARIMA model for this problem. I have seen people using ARIMA model for similar problems in the past.

Some other forecasting methods are:

  1. Exponential smoothing
  2. Holt and Holt-Winter model
  3. Multivariate linear regression

Hope this is helpful. Thank you.



When i apply basic arima model, i am trying to predict number of patients for Hospital.
But it will predict the results like 1.2,3.4,16.8, I think result should be only pure integer numbers.
Any useful tips for that?

Thank you so much @SRK
Really appreciate your help.


@hargan.gandhi - Apart from what SRK suggested, you can also check count data modelling. In count data model you will not get the output in floating values.


One option is to round off the values which we get from the result. We could do count data modeling as Karthe1 suggested if rounding off is not desirable.