AV Casino Workshop-Explanation to Workshop Problems



Can we get explanations to the problems that are part of the Av Casino workshop.

For some tough problems such as inclusion -exclusion, bose-einstein, matching cards, I am finding it difficult to solve.

Any links to similar problems will also be helpful.



Hi @GauravDesai

I suggest you to re-read the examples. I apologize for not posting the solutions as it might spoil the workshop for other people. Here are links to a few similar examples:

  1. http://cpsc.ualr.edu/srini/DM/chapters/review3.6.html
  2. http://www.borisbukh.org/CombinatoricsSpring13/notes_inclusion_exclusion.pdf
  3. https://brilliant.org/wiki/principle-of-inclusion-and-exclusion-pie/