AV Data Fest 2016 - AV's Biggest DATA FEST ever



Time passed by but we didn’t stop sharing knowledge to the data enthusiasts and look, here we are, going to complete 3 years of our journey on April 20th 2016. It’s only fitting that we celebrate AV’s 3rd Anniversary by conducting a series of competent hackathons dedicated to its passionate community.

Here comes the exhaustive list of fascinating hackathons having alluring prize money. Each of the data freak holds the chance to win INR 2,30,000 (~$3500). Isn’t it a good deal?

PARTICIPATE HERE: http://datahack.analyticsvidhya.com/contest/all

Why should you participate?
• Explore your analytics abilities
• Learn handy tips and tricks from fellow participants
• Win captivating prize money

So, just wake up and brush your brains to relish your taste buds with the interesting hackathons, served for you in Analytics Vidhya’s special platter.


Hi @Sukanya,

I have a problem with solution checker Practice Problem : Time Series. When I am uploading the forecast i am getting an error “Please check with the test data set, all Datetime are not available”, my forecast is correct with 5112 rows+header row and columns Datetime, Count. Can you please help me whats the issue ?


Hi @Shankar_Pandala, could you post your question as a different topic? Thanks


Hi @jalFaizy,

Thanks! There is a similar post, I’ve replied in that. How ever no one responded with the solution to the issue.

Shankar Pandala


@pulkitpahwa Please solve the query

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Hi @shankar_pandala, I checked your submissions,
Make sure your Datetime format is 26-09-2014 00:00 and not 26-09-14 00:00.

Do let me know if this helps


Thank you so much @pulkitpahwa. This solved the issue :slight_smile:


First up a great way to celebrate your first three years (congrats!). Secondly, a request to site admins: given the many hackathons scheduled it would be helpful to identify the ones for which the user has registered at a glance. When I login to the DataHack homepage, the list of hackathons all show a ‘Participate’ button next to them, even though I did not register for all of them. I would suggest some sort of indicator that shows whether the user has registered or not and then a button to take them to the corresponding page.


Hi Team, Is it possible to register as a Team?I have registered but now I am not able to do it as as Team.


Hy Sanaker this is Zeeshan ,Which type of Problem,you dont solve


I am a new user
I have a question regarding The Strategist: http://datahack.analyticsvidhya.com/contest/the-strategist

What is the exact goal of this contest?
What kind of questions are expected?



Noob here.
I have registered for McKinsey Hiring Hack http://datahack.analyticsvidhya.com/contest/mckinsey-hiring-hack
But no forum or slack channel could be found for the same.
The hacks starts in 24 hours.
Where could I find details like hack questions, etc?