Awesome Data Science Ideas: A curated list for data science usecases/applications



A bit of a background;

(This repo is) A curated list of amazingly awesome data science ideas and use cases. You can use this to get new ideas and share existing ones.

What makes them so awesome? All these ideas should be proven to actually generate value, not just ‘cool facts’ or ‘promising techniques’. They should be applicable now, with data and techniques that are available today. For example: an AI that plays video games, or analyzing heavy metal song lyrics is cool, but it doesn’t translate into a meaningful and useful application, so it does not belong here.

Personally I found this an excellent initiative, and if done right, would be a treasure trove of information. I’ll certainly be watching this repo :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: This is a continuation of My Random Nonsense!. Do check out the other ones