Awesome iPython notebooks for data science?



What are some of the best iPython notebooks you have come across on GitHub / Internet?

Share their link and the reason why you like them.


Here are a few I found useful during my journey:

  1. Getting started with Notebooks: This is the official tutorial for iPython notebooks.

  2. This might be a but dated now, given how quickly API and privacy terms change on social media. But, it is still one of the best places to start for all social media analysis:

  3. Here is another notebook which tries to re-construct 538’s prediction about US Presidential elections:

  4. Awesome application of regular expressions (regex) by Peter Norvig. Like all his other content, it is deep, challenging and interesting in nature.

  5. Collection of notebooks to learn Data Science:

Looking forward to a bigger collection of notebooks.



Addition to resources listed by @dark_knight, below resources are also useful for beginners @data analysis:




You can also refer below video to start with iPython notebooks:

A Practical Introduction to IPython Notebook and Pandas - Julia Evans