Azure ml studio db connectivity


Can any one tell me how to connect azure ml studio with mongodb database


You need to use importdb. I stroingly recommend you read through the help in MS, all these topics are well explained. Specific instructions are here:

Also, have a look at this:

Good luck!


Thanks man,
Please correct me, currently for creating web services for all models in r, i’m using PLUMBER package. This is right or not.


If you only want to create a compact and fast web service without having to build a layout etc, plumber library is indeed a good solution.

Also, you can use R-Shiny to build an app which you can later deploy as a web service easily. Moreover, you can use html code inside shiny so you can customise your layout to your heart’s content. If you are using RStudio (which I definitely encourage if you don’t), you only need to select File > New File > Shiny Web App… Have a look at documentation and examples: R-Shiny

But this question is another completely different topic or am I missing something…?


@TitoOrt @shuda @wschin

Do you have any idea how to set access control header in plumber package in r.
I was trying but that’s not work.