Beginner question

Hey all,
Not sure if i can ask it here.

So i’ve just thought of learning data analytics and i have a data set which i got from the internet which my wife wanted to strip some data and filter it. So why not seemed like thing to learn.

The fields i am interested in are the ‘id’, ‘name’, ‘synonym’. Can some body guide in doing this. I have been following this tutorial and i’ve installed pycharm and started using the splitline(). Which seems like the thing for the job. Unfortunately i am not able to find those filed using splitline[0], splitline[1].

Can anybody please guide me in this.

So trying different ways

FileRead = open("HPO.txt", "r")
SearchText1 = "name"  # input("Enter Text to search: ")
lines = FileRead.readlines()
NewList = []
idx = 0
for lines in FileRead:
    if SearchText1 in lines:
        NewList.insert(idx, lines)
    # idx += 1

that did not seem to work. The result returns no error and the output was blank.