Being a B.Tech. student at IIT-R and Analytics aspirant,how will I be hired for Data scientist/Analyst job?


Hi everyone!

I am Dharmesh Manglani student of 3rd year Mechanical engineering at IIT Roorkee. Although my branch is Mechanical, I am not interested in pursuing my professional career in core. Watching Analytics as a highly trending field I started working towards it from this January. Analytics Vidhya really helped me a ton as a complete guide for career and learning path.I am really grateful to @kunal sir for all that guidance. I learnt basic python, R from Analytics edge course,basic stats,participated in a Kaggle competition and reading a book on Data science for business.

Now the thing is I am very excited and passionate to start my professional career as Data Analyst/Scientist. But here in our campus there are very less companies recruiting freshers as Data Analyst/Scientist and being a six pointer guy it may be difficult to get the dream job in dream company.So basically my question is do the Analytics firms recruit fresher outside the campus? What are their basic pre-requisite skills and qualifications to heir a fresher as an Analyst/Data scientist? Do CGPA matters a lot for such jobs?

Suggest ways to enhance the resume for a data science career


Thanks for the complement. We have a long way to go - we are building a world class analytics community here. I hope that every one who finds value on AV comes back to add more value and makes the platform super awesome!

Coming to your question, Analytics Edge is an awesome course and a good accomplishment in year 3. Are you a part of 4 year program or a 5 year one? You have at least another year to strengthen your case. Here are some of the things, I would suggest:

  • Do an internship at a place where you learn further. You should aim to at least participate in a few Kaggle competitions before passing out / placements.
  • Come to our meetups in Gurgaon. You will get opportunity to network with people and learn new things. We plan to do a live demo of Internet of Things (IoT) this time.
  • See if you can improve your CGPA. Whether it gets considered or not depends on company to company, but general perception is that 6 is bad (unless you have something in your CV which outweighs everything else), 7 is ok, 8 is good, 9 is awesome. Also, usually it is easy to pull up CGPA, if you do well in final semesters.
  • There are lot of companies hiring for relevant roles right now. You can look at a recent list here: Analytics / Data Science Startups taking freshers

Hope this helps



Thanks a lot for throwing light on my query.It helped me a lot.

I am part of 4 year program.I have one more year left.And yes currently I am going for an internship as an Data Analyst. I’ll try for sure attending a meetup for networking and gaining more knowledge.

So as I have one more year left where should I direct my focus on? It would be good if you can elaborate on this and list-out all the basic topics that every Data scientist should know, so that I could boost up my knowledge on concerned data mining tools and techniques. Learning path is not required as you have already given us with countless articles/blogs on learning path of different Analytics tools. Thanks in advance.



This is a good starting point:

Technical knowledge:

  1. Basics of stats (descriptive & inferential)
  2. Understanding of probability
  3. Expertise on at least one tool - SAS / R / Python
  4. Thorough knowledge of basic techniques of regression and classification algorithms
  5. Dimensionality reduction using PCA, Factor analysis
  6. High level understanding of mahcine learning
  7. Top 30% in at least 2 Kaggle competition

Skill assessment preparation:

  1. Case studies
  2. Guess-estimates
  3. Art of putting framework around business problems

Apart from this, coding contests, hackathons, meetups are all good things to have on the CV for the next one year.



Thanks a ton @kunal sir. Now the checklist is in front of me,and I am on my way to accomplish all these targets ASAP! A wholeheartedly thanks from my side. Looking forward to meet you personally soon.