Being a non CS/IT Guy how can someone Setup his Career in Analytics/Machine Learning ? (As a Fresher)



I’m a non CS/IT guy doing my engineering .But i am very interested in Analytics/ML . How can i get a job in this field as a fresher . what are the things to add in my CV and skills i should have known


See the blog The Ultimate Plan to Become a Data Scientist in 2016.

Also I would suggest applying for an internship, as helps giving credibility to your CV.

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in order to get intership in ML what kind of companies do i need to target ???
What it takes(Skills required ) to make it into my first intership


Hey @gokulahd,

Well there is no correct answer to your question. You could approach any company in the world which works in ML and request for an interview.

And there is no minimum requirement for an internship. That depends on the company which you are applying for.