Best analytics/data science training available for Working Professionals



Hi All,
Currently , what are the best options available for project based training into analytics/data science for working professionals.


Hi @Rishabh0709

You can check out these courses: Analytics Vidhya has done an extensive research prior to publishing the course rankings for year 2015 - 2016:

Certification Courses :

Training Programs :




If you are making any queries reagarding the right training program, you should provide details about yourself, what is your experience like, what do you expect from the training? Are there any budget constraints you have? What kind of time frame are you looking at?

There is no one size fits all training program!



Hi @kunal ,
I apologize for not being clear with my question.
A small introduction about me first:
I have around 4 years of industry experience into BI and data analytics.
I have worked on SAS, R, Tableau and couple of other data visualization tools.
As far as my core analytics experience is concerned , i have never worked on any modelling related project (model monitoring , validation , development , nothing…).
Little bit knowledge which i have got about them(statistics and model development methodologies), is from online courses and analyticsvidhya(and some other related blogs).
What i mean to say is that , i have zero industry experience into core analytics.
So, i am looking for some training/course , which can help me learn the core analytics concepts in a way that is used by any analytics professional in his/her day-to-day work.
A course/training , which can teach me what all methods are available to solve a problem and which method is best for the given problem in hand, and why.
A course/training , which using an actual case study, explains the concepts of statistics and modelling in a practical manner , along with deep theoretical explanation.
I am looking for a training which is preferably, an online training, which i can attend without leaving my job.Time frame and budget are not any concern.




Since you are already in the DW and BI line of work already you should look at executive programs. Personally i dont think you need to get into a full time course.

When you talk about modelling its simply statistical modellling you are talking about which requires you to spend time on getting stats 101/102 done via online courses including coursera.

Greatlakes has a very good program, ISB has one and IIM’s also have good programs whcih are meant to understand the application layer of data analytics than working hands on layer.

Most importantly data analytics is open source to a large extent meaning it can be self taught. It just needs discipline to learn on your own dedicating 2-3 hours a day in aplanned manner.



Thanks a lot, @shivaacc