Best Analytics Program to make a career shift


Hi, I am currently a Mainframe Developer in a Top 50 Fortune Company with around 3.5 years of experience. I am a DCE graduate frome ECE background. I am interested in making a career shift to analytics and have been learning on my own. I completed the Machine Learning course by Andrew Ng. from Coursera and currently enrolled in Data Science using SAS and R from AnalytixLabs. Although I am continuously learning analytics the pace of my learning is slow and I am unclear as to how will i clear Analytics interviews.

I applied to PGDBA program from Great Lakes in Gurgaon, got selected but dint go for it as i dint have much insight of the course at that point of time. But for the coming year of 2017 I am looking forward to join a full year Analytics program offered by a leading institution that either offers the course online or is in Gurgaon . Could you please suggest which would be a better institute to join for both better career aspects and learning analytics ?

Really appreciate everyone’s feedback.


I have a similar doubt! When i went through analytics vidhya for such posts, i came to know a program offered by IIMC and IITB but not this one. I personally feel that renouned colleges like IIT IIM are given great importance and even good courses by not so famous colleges are undermined.


Hi @Mafiapainter … Me too looking for a switch and completed the course from Analytix Labs… Maybe we can discuss further on this . Please ping me . Thanks


You could also look for INSOFE @Hyderebad and Bangalore. They provide job assistance too! And awesome faculties. Am currently pursuing from there!


Hi @Mafiapainter if you are comfortable in maths and are interested in ML then I’d say go for a full time Masters from US or UK. I too did a few MOOCs from Coursera and then was about to join SP Jain’s BDAP but then decided against it and joined a UK university instead. A Masters course is very in depth and thorough with different concepts (depends on the subjects you choose). Now from what I hear about different institutes in India they kind of provide you with the superficial knowledge about different topics without really going in great details. Example they will tell you about how a decision tree algorithm works with formulas etc but when it comes to hands on most probably you will be using some already existing library in R (or Python or whatever). But a Masters course will ask you to code these algorithms from scratch. This helps you to understand the concepts in great details. Imagine which is better using a neuralnet function in R to do some classification or first deriving the back propagation yourself and then coding it up from the first principles. I am in no way downplaying what institutes such as INSOFE etc teach. May be in the end it boils down to what you want out of it. If you are looking to find what interests you then may be INSOFE etc are ok. But if you know your interests are already then go for a full fledged Masters. It also depends on whether you want to do more of Business Analytics or Data Science or Big Data. :slight_smile: Probably this poses more questions than answers…



Even i am on same path for doing a 1 year executive program from India itself. because i have already invested much in my MBA so if you know something about the collges in india please let me know.


@BekarCoder : Really interested to know which UK university you had opted for to do MS in Data Science/Business/Big Data Analytics? I am planning for 2018 fall so it would be great if you can throw some light on this.



i want to join Analytix Labs for data analyst 360 course can you please share your experience with them. Please it will help me borther to make decission.