Best analytics training center/tutor in Chennai



Hi Guys ! It has been really hard for me to find an analytics training center/tutor in Chennai. While there is the SAS accredited Epoch Institute (costs 70k for each certification), I am looking for a cheaper institute for clearing the Base SAS and Advance SAS certification exams. Presently I am learning with Jigsaw and I need a physical training center for these certifications. People from Chennai and outside, kindly suggest ! Thanks in advance !!



I am not aware of a good offline training institute for SAS right now.

@karthe1 - do you know of something?

Also, why not keep learning on Jigsaw and use internet / discussion portal to solve your doubts / queries?



Dear Rakesh,

I heard of Besant Technologies apart from Epoch. But i am not sure about their cost of the training for these institutes. Inline with what Kunal siad, as you are already into Jigsaw, it might be a good idea to stick with for the training and taking help for the certification.

Karthikeyan P


Thank you kunal and karthe1 for your replies. I will continue with Jigsaw, but I felt I might need some help with the SAS certification.

The problem with Besant and lot of other institutes is that, the quality is inconsistent as they have different tutors who keep churning. Anyways your advice was helpful.