Best free tool for perfoming multiple calculations on multiple similar files?


i have many excel files having same format.
need to perform various same calculations on the these excel files at the same time.


Hi @kartik123 you can use either R or Python to accomplish this task. You would be able to read all the excel files and apply the calculations.

Both R and Python are free tools.


I know python and R are free tools but the problem is i don’t know how to code.

can you suggest some other tool which is easy to use and can be do the task.

thanks for the response


Hi @kartik123,
“multiple calculations on multiple similar files”
Write all the calculations needed single file in any language of your liking
Then feed all the data to it.
you’ll be done and also the you can adjust the code according to the different calculation.
That’s why we use programming.
Don’t write a program for every calculations. Write functions functions instead.
Hope this helps.
R or python both are good for your rapid calculations.


thanks for the help rakesh.
i have started working on it.