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Hi all team

My name is Davide, economical backgroud with bachelor degree in management and master of scienc ein marketing, current analyst

I’m seriously thinking to take a bachelor degree in statistics or analytics in order to be able to perform in the future statistical and data mining analysis

Now, the problem is that I currently work, so I should opt for one of the two option:

  1. Copy any bachelor degree program in statistics from any university and then try to replicate it on my own studying book after book and then experimenting at work and at home

  2. Attend an online bachelor degree in statistics (it would be useful cause for my work needs I could change country in the future)

So I would get your personal opinion on the choice number 1 and a list of bests online statistics or analytics bachelor degree which you would suggest in terms of ranking, both indian or european

I would opt for a bachelor in order to strenght also the calculus nowledge necessary to understand statistical tools in their theoretical point of view

I’m currently almost 28, so with forecast I could be done with the degree in 4 years more or less still being “young” at 32 :smile:

Hope you can advice on the matter being it a very crucial one on my curren career moment

With my bests



I love your spirit of being a child @ 28 and young @32 :smile: However, I would have gone down Online route rather for following reasons:

  • Ability & flexibility to learn as per your convenience
  • Tailoring your learning as per your capabilities - if you learn fast, you can finish quickly.
  • A degree would not teach you everything you need to be an analyst. It would also teach you things, you may not need.

Coming to Online programs, geography actually doesn’t matter a lot. You can look at options like Nano-degree from Udacity or Data Science Specialization from Coursera to start with.

Hope this helps.



Hi Kunal

Thanks gor your reply. However, I would know if there is any specific online dregree in statistics whic resembles a bachelor or MSc in the same subject. The coursera and udavity courses sre more an introduction to the subject than a real structured course, so would be perfect if you can suggest any degree respecting a programme of that type. Many thanks for your precious support


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hi @Davide_Cortellino

I think there are a few courses offered as part of Harvard extension program, Stanford open courses and Caltech programs.

They should give you a good mix of courses and curriculam to work upon. I know of at least one good program about data science on each of these platforms.

Harvard - CS109
Stanford - Machine learning Andrew Ng
Caltech - Learning from Data

They would have equivalent stats courses as well.

Hope this is of more use.