Best (open) course to learn Python for Data Science?



I have been using SAS for more than last 1 year and want to add an open source language to my skillset. Based on my research till now, I have decided to go ahead with Python. The decision was mainly because I think Python is a far more versatile language and might give me benefit even outside of data science stints!

Having decided the language, I have not been able to find an open course which teaches Python for data science? I had a look at the course on Udacity:

But the focus of the course is on Data Wrangling, which is a small part of the data science regimen. I have also tried the Interactive programming language course on Coursera, but that does not deal with data science specifically.

Seeing the shortage of good resources, I am now confused whether I have made the right choice or not? If the choice is right, what is the best place to start my learning?

Thanks for your help in advance



I think your decision to go ahead with Python makes sense. It might look that there is a dearth of good resources on Python for data science, but that is definitely not the case.

Here are a few resources, I would recommend to get you started:

  1. You should try and do 1 open course which brings you up to speed with basics of Python. You should try and cover various data structures, specifically lists and dictionaries.

  2. Once you are done with the basics of Python, you can watch following YouTube video:
    This video will take you through the basics of Pandas in a lecture style.

  3. You can also think about purchasing the book “Python for Data Analysis” from Wes McKinney, the same guy giving the talk in the video above.

  4. Next, you can look at some of the lectures from cs109 course from Harvard Extension school. It covers most of what you would need to do data science in Python.

  5. Along with this, give the course from Udacity and its project a shot in parallel.

Apart from all of this, if there is any specific requirement you have, just search for the topic on google and there will be bunch of good iPython notebooks available on the internet and GitHub. That should be sufficient to get you up to speed.

There are a few useful Python tutorials on Kaggle as well (as part of the Knowledge competitions).



If you wanna learn Python quickly, try Python from Codeacademy. There after you can continue from YouTube video as suggested by @kunal.



This is what I am doing to learn Python for data science -

a) First Learn the basics -

There are two good sources for it -
- First is Code academy -
- Do interactive programming in python from Coursera, Rice university 

b) After you have done that follow this article -

Hope this helps.



We have released a new learning path for people like you. The learning path not only provides exact steps to follow to learn Python for data science, but also provides the right exercises and projects to work on at various stages of learning. Have a look at the learning path here:


Awesome initiative @Kunal

Very helpful and specific.


Thank you for this input.
It helps a lot!