Best platform for Big data analytics for beginners - AWS vs Azure vs Google cloud


Hello everyone,

I have 12+ experience in Java enterprise programming and a beginner in Big data analytics.
Currently started learning Python and going through blogs related to analytics, statistics, modelling etc.
I have a mac book which based on my analysis so far is not best suitable for running machine learning or data intensive algorithms using Python.
I dont want to spend too much of money for buying expensive machines with GPUs before i get hands on with the technologies.
I am thinking of subscribing to any of online cloud services like AWS, Azure or Google cloud.
However would like to check which would be a suitable bet for a beginner who likes to run some samples and test algorithms with lots of sample data set and sample packages or projects which i can download online?
Would like to check which one gives more
i) packages and suits to learn
ii) cost effective
iii) Relatively simple learning curve
iv) Potential to rule the market in future for analytics.

Would be greatful if i can get any suggestions or any blogs written on this topic already.

Sorry this is my first post in this community and not sure this is already discussed before.

Thank you in advance.



Hi @msubash26

Mac book would not suffice for data science needs going forward. However, a MacBook Pro can do most of the work for you.

In terms of cloud services, I don’t think there is a clear winner yet. All the three giants are fighting it out. However, here are some impressions I have had:

  1. AWS is the market leader as of now. You are also likely to get the broadest spread of services here. The interface might take some time to get used to, but once you are used to the terminologies and the interface, you will find pretty much everything you need on AWS.

  2. Cost wise, AWS might be slightly expensive compared to other solutions. Guess that is the premium for getting all the services at a single place. If you are very clear about your requirements, you can always do a specific comparison and see what is the best option. If you are not clear, stick with the platform with most options available.

Hope this helps.