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Hello everyone,
I am new to data science. I would love to get suggestions on some great resources, online courses related to statistics. I would love to get learning path on statistics for data scientist similar to python and R which were provided here. Please reply. Thanks in advance.


Hi @utsavmaniar, see this earlier post


Hi @utsavmaniar

You have a lot of choice… i would recommend Coursera John Hopkins , ten courses, some are not so easy and I red some bad comments about some, the one presented by Brain Caffo, I do not share this point of view, Brian is in biostatistics so not always intuitive, but once you got it you will have no problem with inferences, p value, CI and other. Brain has two other course as well put stats probabilities, better to have some knowledge before to join them, look for biostatitcs I and II on coursera again
Open intro was mentioned as well this course is easier, the good part of J Hopkins com[are to open intro is you will gain from the statistics point of view as well as working with R and R Peng is very good at explaining R and his books are free of charge on Leanpub and he takes time to explain was he did in the are of biostatistics, which can give you one hint.
The other course very popular in Machine Learning by Andrew Ng on Coursera, this one is the most popular. Andrew is very engaging, problem it is now in Matlab it was in Octave …so take time to brush with one of them… Machine Learning.

One other course very popular and I shall say good mentioned here before is Analytics Egdes on EDX EDX, this is a very application oriented course all in R. The case are great, but the maths not as develop as with J Hopkins.
There is also a serie on biostatistics on EDX, 6 courses by Rafael Izirazzarys. It is on biostatistics but unique course in linear algebra and for me anyway high dimensional statistics, all the methods could be applied in area than biostatistics, anyway often our colleagues of biostats are the most advanced,
Rafael is a very active contributor to Biocondutor as well and made his available on Leapub as well, but this one no free !!! To the full serie
As you can see quite a lot of choices.
Have a good day and good learning.


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