Best Universitites for Masters in Data Science?



I am passionate about data science and want to pursue masters in data science. Can you please recommend top universities for pursuing Masters/Ph.D. from US or other parts of world ? Please consider constraints such as curriculum,course length,fees and other parameters as you feel fit.


Hi @bhavyaghai,

I think the below link will give you some context on the university and their offerings in Masters in Data science field.

You can select best university on basis of curriculum, college reputation, fee involved, course duration, future placement scenario and GRE/TOEFL requirements.

My personal Favorites are GaTech, CMU, Northwestern, UT Austin, AVA. There are offerings by Harvard, Standford , NYU and Columbia University, but I consider them way out of my league.

After that some universities which are at moderate difficulty in getting an admit are Uconn, Ucinn, USF, ASU, LSU.

Hope this helps.