Best way to learn R & Tableau




I’m a newbie in the Data Analytics field. I am trying to learn ‘R’ and ‘Tableau’ on my own by going through online videos.
I want to cut short my learning curve,want to scale up quickly.

Can someone who has earlier been in similar situation can pls guide me as what resources to follow and which book to be followed.

Looking for some helpful pointers.

Thanks a ton in advance.



I can’t address your question on Tableau as I haven’t used it, but I learned R through Coursera, specifically the Data Analytic Specialization courses. Very, very helpful! You can take the courses for free (or pay if you want the certificate verification). Datacamp also has courses in learning R; I’ve heard good things about them but haven’t done them myself.

The Coursera Website


@madhu2390: I am also on the same path.

Following are the tutorials, you may learn from using them:

Introduction to R (DataCamp:*, It’s free many paid are available too.

Try R (Codeschool:

Introduction to R programming (edx:

R Programming (Coursera:

R Basics - R Programming Language Introduction (udemy:

Some R books are:

Hope it will help you in learning.

All the best!