Big Data and analytics course in SP jain



I am 2015 passout with Science) and working as web developer since 3 months .Now i heard about Big data and Analytic program(regular) of SP Jain. Since I live in Delhi so is it good to go for any good analytical institute along with my job in delhi ncr region itself or should i go for SP Jain leaving current Job.Please Suggest



There are 2 options you have currently:

  1. Do a few part time certifications from training institutes and then hope to break into analytics at some point in future. This will cost you less (any where between 20k - 100k), but doesn’t guarantee a job once you complete the certification.

  2. Look at the institutes providing full time courses as well as placement services / support. S.P.Jain and Praxis are two names which come to my mind, which can be good fit. There is also a 2 year long course run by IIT+IIM+ISI, but it has limited number of seats. This option would be more expensive, but would give you a head start in the domain and definitely has lt higher chance of placement.

If you can afford, I would recommend option 2 over 1.

Hope this helps.