Bizarre DFileNotFoundError


As of yesterday I was able to open .csv files in Pandas in jupyter notebook using:

filename = pd.read_csv(“c:\data\file_name.csv”)

Today I cannot.

Here is the code: data=pd.read_csv(“c:\data\all_stocks_5yr.csv”)

But here is the strange part, look at the last line of the error:

FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] File c:\dataall_stocks_5yr.csv does not exist: ‘c:\data\x07ll_stocks_5yr.csv’

It is not reading data\all it is not reading the backslach, correct? Any ideas? Help?


Never mind. I capitalized the a in “all_stocks_5yr” and “c:\data\All_Stocks_5yr.csv” worked!!!

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