Black Friday Hackathon - Not able to run even lm algorithm due to memory constraint




I am working on the Black Friday problem, and after making some very basic modifications, i tried to run first pass on the data.
Even though i am using lm as my algorithm, and changed my method from repeatedcv (10 *3) to cv (1), still i am getting the following error:
Error: cannot allocate vector of size 15.4 Gb
I am not able to run even such a basic algo with basic settings
Any tips on what can be done?


Could you share your approach to the problem?

PS: I participated in the practice hackathon but I did not face memory issues


I did the normal stuff…some data exploration…and as you know the NAs are only in 2 columns…so i just gave them some dummy values…not much was done

I just wanted to run a simple algorithm and see the results and the time it takes…
usually i run with repeatedcv, 10*3 times…but looking at the data set i brought it down to cv (1) time…
even after doing so the lm algorithm didnt work, i tried running other algorithms also…didnt work for them either
each time i got the same error: cannot allocate vector of size 15.4 Gb
Thanks for responding!