Black Friday Hackathon



I have recently done a few regression courses online and wanted to practice by solving some real world problem .As many of the AV’s article suggested black friday and bigmart sales challenge are a good source of practice for the same . But as i saw their solutions, many have used advanced regression techniques along with other techniques to solve the problem . Is there any other problem i should pursue to test my knowledge or can someone let me know how do I go about these two problems ?


Hello @harshit08173

Don’t be afraid by watching some solutions using advanced techniques. I would say, use the simplest modelling technique you know, or just fill some random predictions. Maybe, you will start from the bottom of the leaderboard. No worries. Now start implementing what you have learned. This journey from bottom to top will definitely give you much learning.

Here, is a link for the article in which I have shared my journey through the big mart sales problem.

Hope this helps.



Thanks Shubham . Much appreciated