Blank cells created when I put scrapy data into a csv file



So I followed the tutorial on web scraping with scrapy and had success up until outputting the data to a csv file. When I open that csv in Microsoft Excel theres thousands of unused cells that can’t be deleted. Ideally I’d like to know how to not have this cells to begin with. This is the only thing holding me back right now since I can’t provide a clean, neat looking table holding the data.


Hi @StratCat22

Follow the steps as mentioned in this article

If you followed the same code, can you specify at which part did you get the error? If possible, share the code lines for which you received the error.


Just to verify I downloaded the zip of the code from your GitHub and still had the issue. I don’t believe it was an issue with the code though as your files did the same thing. I downloaded Numbers and tried it out in that and voila no issues. So it’s most likely just an issue with MS Excel. I appreciate your reply though, I’m about to go work on the final example of your article right now!


Hey @StratCat22,

Glad your issue is solved.