Books for Analytics Interview preparation



Hello Kunal,
Could you please suggest me some good books for Analytics Interview Preparation.


It would be great if we get some interview questions from all the data hackers around.
May be we can share what we have been asked on different instances .
I had a brief telephonic interview. I have been asked few questions from data field

  1. what is p value
  2. what is difference between clustering & decision tree technique.
  3. how to merge two datasets in R, share the code

Please share interview questions faced by you



What kind of interview are you expecting? Techincal or case studies? Depending on that, the practice can differ a lot.

Here is one of the best resource, we have compiled for people preparing for analytics interviews.

@ParindDhillon - I’ll keep this thread for books and start a new one for questions asked specifically. See you there.