Books / Websites which provide steps to solve various data science projects?




I am new to data science domain and recently started participating in Data science competitions. During the last 3 competitions, the biggest challenges I faced were lack of practical knowledge and coding. I usually Google takes more time (I always google python codes to run different model). Can you help me with the books/ website where various practical examples are given in a structured way?


#2 - the winner of the kaggle competition discuss their solution on the blog and gives good inside on the approach.

also book called Applied Predictive Modelling by Max Kuhn also gives a good insight on how to approach the problem.


Here are a few projects, some of them are from Analytics Vidhya itself:

Using R

  1. The solution to Kaggle bike sharing competition:

  2. Solution to Kaggle Facebook recruitment contest:

Using Python

  1. Solution to Titanic Kaggle competition:

  2. You can look at several iPython notebooks here:

  3. You can also look at this book: Programming Collective Intelligence - awesome book which covers basics well and has a lot of code as well,