Bridge School of Management


They have a certification Program called PREDICTIVE BUSINESS ANALYTICS PROGRAM ((Certificate Program from BRIDGE School and Northwestern University, USA).

Please advice on this program how worth it would be for me. I am 8 Years IT professional working in BI tools like SAP BusinessObjects (ETL, Reporting and Dashboards). I am keen to learn about analytics and predictive analytics. I am also inclined to learn SAP HANA too.



Bridge School of Management is a tie-up between HT media and NorthWestern University. Here are a few facts about the program:

Format of the course:

  • The course has a hybrid model - Online and offline engagement.
  • The online component contains videos created by NorthWestern University. The experience of these would be very similar to what Coursera offers. There is a discussion portal, which is used for discussion with faculty (both from NorthWestern and the Indian faculty) and submission of a few assignments as well. You are expected to pre-watch these videos, before you come to class interaction.
  • The offline / class interaction is expected to solve queries and help people with some hands on sessions / exercises. These are not meant to be complete classroom trainings.
  • The course is run for a duration of 31 weeks over weekends.

Content of the course:

  • The course provides content on R only. SAP HANA can be connected to R, so this can be a plus point. But the course will not teach you SAP HANA.
  • The course contains module on advanced predictive analytics and can be too exhaustive / difficult for a working professional with hectic routine.

My views about the course:

There are 2 decisions you need to make:

  • How much time can you spend learning on your own through the week?
  • Are you comfortable with pre-recorded content as the main way to deliver content?

If you can spend time during week and are comfortable learning from pre-recorded content, you can go ahead with the course. But if that is not the case, or you are not sure, try out a course on Coursera before you take a plunge.

Hope this helps.



I have done this course from Bridge and m suggestion is one should not join this course. They are simply making money by false promises of placements etc. This is totally fraud and I am a living example of this. Most of my batchmates are also the victim. They are duping money in the name of brand.

Totally waste of money.