Building a real time geo location mapping of Surge Price of Uber Cabs



I have build a real time location mapping of price surge in San Francisco for Uber Cabs.
The Big Data technologies which I used is Kafka, Spark Streaming and Hbase.
This also helps in doing the historical analysis on price surge data and helps in finding the behavior of surge based on time for different locations.
Please check out the github link and provide feedback.

Any feedback is appreciated.



Thanks for sharing…good resource.



Hi @deepnarainsingh,

Thanks for posting your project. Are you using machine learning in your project to find behavior of price surge? If yes, could you explain in brief?


Thanks Sunil.


Hi ,

As of now I have build the Data Pipeline. Kafka and Spark streaming works very well for building real time analytics system .
At present I have data only for 2-3 days using which I can see the pattern of surge during a day for a certain location. I will be building Machine Learning model on top of this when I have data for at least 15 days. My aim is to build a system for real time analytics and then use machine learning to do a prediction in real time. I will do share the results when I am done.